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Cohesion is an interactive design project in support of AAPI heritage month.


This project aims to exhibit the depth and beauty of Asian cultures and showcase the power of inclusion. This project consists of different stages of designing: pre-composing, on-site interactions and digitization.


Thank you to Brookyln Borough for hosting on-sites events, and all the participating artists and volunteers.


Cohesion serves the purposes of delivering aesthetics and informtion distribution.


My objective for the logo and typography is being straightforward, clean and concise.


I wanted to include both letter cut-outs and patterns.


Pattern templates were simply inspired by everyday objects and textile motifs.


And letters played an important role of grabbing attention and delievering the message of this project.

For the lino blocks I decided to take inspirations from my research of traditional Chinese textiles.


Batik and embroideries yield many unique patterns, I am interested to see how they transform in the end results.

The key part of this project is the on-site event, making art while interacting with the public. The medium I choose shall serve those purposes well.


Accessibility comes to my mind when I started working on this portion of the project. Printmaking especially relief printing, has the three-dimensional element compared to other mediums. The process makes it even accessible to people who are vison-impaired.


Adding the sense of touch also makes the designing process so much more interesting. So there I go putting my printmaknig skills to test. 

The Making

Before the event I got all the templates and printing blocks ready. Colors I chose were standard color sets that are common in most art supplies.

My mission at the event is to demonstrate the techniques and then leave everything else to the audience.


The on-site event was successful and so much fun.  It was so inspiring to see people create new art with the designs I created. We don’t have to know each other to start a conversation, and sometimes an image says more than a thousand words.


But Cohesion did not just end there. After obtaining visuals created, I enter the next chapter: digitization. With the tools we have nowadays, we are able to send our messages to places far beyond our reach. Through the digital lenses our story lives on and on.

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